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Welcome To Chiropractic Associates of Gainesville

Discover Better Living with our Gainesville Chiropractors

Too often in today’s world, people think they just have to put up with pain. At Chiropractic Associates of Gainesville, we strive to change that. With a thorough examination and accurate diagnosis, we will come up with a plan to help you feel better.

Our team is made up of Chiropractors Dr. Matthew Cline, Dr. Cooper Cline and Dr. Matthew Richeson and their fantastic support staff. In addition to chiropractic, we offer massage therapy, rehabilitation and deep tissue laser therapy. A physical medicine practice is on-site as well. We’ll be happy to recommend you to any of these avenues that we feel you can benefit from.

Laser Therapy
Chiropractic Care
Massage Therapy
Spinal Decompression


Dr. Matthew Cline

Keeping Patients of All Ages Active

Dr. Cline enjoys working with all age groups, from young children to older seniors. Whether he’s helping a child with a sports-related injury or a senior who would like to have increased mobility, he wants to help his patients live the life they want!

My mission is to help restore people back to how they’re meant to function.

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Dr. Matthew Richeson

In Dr. Richeson’s early twenties, he had his first experience with chiropractic. Unable to stand up straight or walk, he wasn’t sure where to turn. After getting great results from his chiropractor, he decided to join the natural healing profession.

I love helping people achieve a better quality of life.

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Dr. Cooper Cline

Understanding the Power of Chiropractic

During Dr. Cooper’s years playing football, he got a neurovascular compression injury known as a burner stinger. With a brother in chiropractic school, he decided to try the natural route. After an adjustment, Dr. Cooper’s problem was gone, with nothing invasive required.

I loved experiencing the adjustment and learning there is more to it than back pain.

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Health Care With No Surprises

When it comes to health care, you want to know exactly what you can expect. Before your first appointment, you’ll know all fees involved and each step of the process. We’ll even check your insurance information so that you know your coverage. You’ll be well-informed and involved in your care.

After your examination, we’ll give you a detailed report of our findings. You’ll know what your condition is, what we can do and how long it’ll take to get your results. Your feedback is always welcome. Our patients say they love how much time we spend with them!

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