About Chiropractic Associates of Gainesville

In the summer of 1969, Dr. Polk opened Chiropractic Associates of Gainesville in Gainesville. It was later taken over by Dr. Keith Richeson, then Dr. Suggs. Today, our team includes Dr. Matthew Cline, his brother Dr. Cooper Cline and Dr. Matthew Richeson. They’re proud to carry on the tradition of providing quality natural care that started decades ago.

Our Mission

We want the world to live in health.

It might take less than you realize. People are always surprised to discover that chiropractic is simple. There’s no equipment necessary. Using just our hands or a gentle instrument, we can make the changes your body needs for you to feel incredible. You’ve likely tried more invasive and expensive avenues before. Addressing your health concerns might be easier than you ever thought possible!

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of the chiropractic adjustment. A misalignment in the spine called a subluxation interferes with your body’s ability to function. When present, a subluxation prevents your brain and body from communicating at 100%. By making an adjustment in a specific place, we can restore that communication.

We’ve seen chiropractic make a tremendous difference in the lives of numerous people. One of our patients was a woman suffering from leg pain. She’d gone to the ER and had CT scans and ultrasounds. The medical doctors didn’t, however, look at the woman’s spine. After a gentle adjustment, she had immediate relief.

Giving You the Time and Attention You Deserve

If you’ve been to other medical offices, you might have left feeling like you were just a number. When you become a patient with our team, we’ll look at you as the unique individual you are. We’ll take our time to evaluate you and talk to you about what you’d like to achieve through getting care with us.

Your practitioner will get to the root cause of your issue and give you the personalized plan you need. In addition to chiropractic, we may recommend spinal decompression, massage therapy, rehabilitation or deep tissue laser therapy as a part of your plan. If required, a physical medicine practice is located on the same premises.

Meet The Doctors