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Girl with stretch bandAt Chiropractic Associates of Gainesville, we strive to offer the care you need. With our natural options, we want to help you get out of pain and live at your full capacity. One of our solutions is physiotherapy, which is fantastic in strengthening weak or dysfunctional areas. Our physiotherapy isn’t like what you’ll find elsewhere. Your doctor will prescribe your physiotherapy exercises based on your specific needs and your health-related goals.

With a personalized program of exercises that are right for your condition, you can rebalance and rehabilitate your body.

Who Physiotherapy Is Right For

Physiotherapy takes you beyond pain relief. It addresses the root cause of your problem. For example, you may have low back pain. Though your pain may be quickly relieved, it doesn’t mean that the source of your issue is gone. Physiotherapy can provide a range of benefits, such as

  • Greater strength
  • Higher overall function
  • Improved movement
  • Less chance of a recurrence
  • Decreased pain

You can think of physiotherapy as an enhancement to what chiropractic care does for you. Most people can benefit from having a combination of both in their health care plan. When we evaluate you, we can determine if physiotherapy is right for your particular situation and concerns.

Our on-staff physiotherapist is Casey Bruce. She attended the University of Florida for her education and is an exercise physiologist. In our spacious office, you’ll work one-on-one with Casey following your doctor’s specific instructions. They will collaborate on your case to make sure you get the greatest benefit from your care.

Casey provides a comprehensive functional assessment for you. Your chiropractor will speak with her to collaborate on your case and determine which route is best for you. Based on our information and her evaluation, she’ll prescribe the exercises that are right for you.

Starting Slowly

You might think, “I’m not in the right shape to go to the gym!” Know that we work with people who have a different range of abilities and can meet you at your level. We’ll ease you into it. It’s not like exercising at the gym where heavy weights are involved. It’s all about correcting your particular condition. The exercises you do will be appropriate for your needs.

After your first physiotherapy session, you’ll leave with information on how to complete your exercises on your own time. We’ll make sure you have the resources you need so that you can complete your physiotherapy at home during your spare time.


Will I be able to benefit from physiotherapy?

The majority of our patients receive physiotherapy as an adjunct to their chiropractic care. If we find that you can get better results by having physiotherapy in addition to chiropractic, we’ll recommend it at your initial examination.

Do I need to wear anything special for my physiotherapy appointments?

We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.

Why do you have physiotherapy in your office?

We find that our patients have greater flexibility and strength, increased endurance and a better range of motion thanks to physiotherapy.

I’m in pain. Am I still able to participate in physiotherapy?

We never push beyond your pain levels. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable during your physiotherapy sessions.

Will my insurance cover physiotherapy?

Most insurance plans cover physiotherapy. If you have questions about your specific coverage, we’ll be happy to check that for you. If you don’t have coverage, we can arrange an out-of-pocket payment.

How long does a physiotherapy session take?

Usually, 15-25 minutes is all you need for physiotherapy.

What types of exercise might be involved in physiotherapy?

We have a variety of equipment available such as TheraBands, therapy balls and a vibration plate. You may also receive specific stretches and exercises.

I have a complex health concern. Can you still help me?

One of the advantages of having a multi-practitioner team is collaboration. If we find that you’re not getting results, we can meet with our other practitioners to discuss your case. We will make every effort to make sure you succeed!

Do you have a qualified physiotherapist?

Yes. Casey is our exercise physiologist. She was educated at the University of Florida and is fully qualified to perform physiotherapy.

Insurance Is Accepted

We want to make sure you can access the high-quality care you need. Insurance plans typically cover physiotherapy. If you’d like to learn more about whether physiotherapy Gainesville is right for you, contact us today! We have same-day visits available.

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