Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to de-stress and practice some self-care? If you find that you need to relax or get rid of tension in your body, massage therapy may be the perfect solution. We have four massage therapists on-site at Chiropractic Associates of Gainesville to take care of your needs.
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Our Many Techniques

Since we have four massage therapists, you can rest assured that we provide the techniques that are right for you. When you call to book your appointment, we’ll schedule you with the massage therapist that is best for your case and the type of massage you’re interested in.

We have lighter techniques as well as a therapeutic style of massage. Hot stone and other, more specialized techniques are also available. We’ll tailor what we do to you.

Experience the Benefits of Massage

A massage is appropriate for just about anyone. We recommend it for our patients who have trigger points, painful areas or chronic problems. If you’re a chiropractic patient, we may identify the need for massage during your initial examination. If so, we’ll recommend that you schedule with one of our massage therapists.

With massage, myofascial adhesions are removed, which results in pain relief, better movement and greater flexibility.

What to Expect

Before you arrive, we suggest that you try to hydrate as much as you can. Doing so before your massage and afterward will ensure that the toxins from your body are flushed away.

You’ll meet with your massage therapist to discuss your concerns. If you see us for chiropractic, we’ll already have collaborated on your case with them and discussed your needs.

The massage therapist will leave you alone in a private room to undress to your comfort level. You’ll lie on a comfortable table. The massage therapist will knock, then reenter the room to begin your massage. We may use a variety of techniques during your session, depending on what’s right for you.

Your feedback is encouraged at all times. If the pressure is too great or not enough, please inform us so that we can make changes immediately. Afterward, you can get dressed, schedule a follow-up if you’d like and then be on your way.